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HICUBS 12-14.6.09

Official program
Friday June 12th

Just hanging around and cruising to a sauna (location top secret).

Saturday June 13th

Helsinki Bike Show
The best bike will be selected by the builder and MMAF (Modified Motorcycle Association Finlad) judges. No public voting on bicycles. The show is a part of the coolest custom motorcycle event in Finland.
Note that the show is outdoors in a park, but it has never rained before.
Bikes should be in the park by 1100. The show lasts ‘till 1600 when the winners are announced. No registration fees or that kind of bullshit…

The Distance Cruise
Lets do the distance. 30-50 km cruise with a few stops on the way. We try to make the stops so that it is possible to eat on the way.

The Afterparty
There is nothing like finnish drinking after a long cruise. Sit back, have a few beers and pass out. There might even be an afterafterparty

Sunday June 14th

HC Hangover Cruise
Laid back cruising by the shore. Parks, BBQ and beer on the go.
During the cruise, there will be the classic SlowRacing -competition.

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